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     The right mandolin in your hands is an extension of who you are as a musician. If you play the best instrument then you will be your best. Whether you are a professional player, weekend musician or avid collector, you will have the assurance your McClanahan Mandolin was made in the true Luthier tradition with my hands using hot hide glue construction, oil varnish finish, traditional dovetail neck joint and all other disciplines of construction that insures your mandolin to have immediate vintage tone, effortless playability and old world cosmetic beauty and warmth that only comes from an instrument that is hand made.  

"...Orch's tone is Ancient as the Mountains"           

                                     C J Lewandowski

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"... I have found my Legacy mandolin"       

                                            Chris Davis

  • Wayne Benson McClanahan F5 medley1:53

"... It's only been strung up for five days and It   

   already has an Old soul"

                                     Wayne Benson

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"... It's like the speed ometer is set

   on 200 but I only have to go 70"                               Jesse Brock

McClanahan Mandolins

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"... I'm not sure if I play this  

   mandolin or it plays me"          

                 Carl Caldwell